20 April 2020

Sorry for the Interruption but I'm Lost

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Hi, I'm Aashir Aamir Khan - Front End Web Developer/Growth Hacker/Startup Guy/Technical Writer/Youtuber/Twitter Lover.

As you can see, I put lots of things in my bucket at the same time and now it's almost a month and I'm unable to maintain this. So the Timeline Looks something like this...


  • 2019 = Front End Web Developer, tired of Freelance work
  • SEP 2019 = Started writing on DEV, got my job at startup because of DEV
  • OCT 2019 = Got my first paid writing gig, and then second
  • NOV 2019 = Lots of Traffic from DEV, Lots of Views and Followers
  • JAN 2020 = Started with New Year Resolution, Launched my Portfolio/Blog and crossed 12,000 Followers on DEV.
  • FEB 2020 = Paid Writing Gig - The Big One, and then spent all of my money to buy a heavy-duty laptop
  • MAR 2020 = Things started getting slow down, my heart was not in writing anymore, I don't know why... I got the platform, I got the audience but why?
  • APR 2020 = Writing this post


  • SEP 2019 = Started working with my mentor
  • OCT 2019 = Lots of Development 4-5 hours of GoToMeeting.
  • NOV 2019 = Lots of Development and created our own design system + Started working on whole SAT-SUN
  • Mid-NOV = Got a disruptive idea, got the things done, got the back-end done, got the domain, but sidelined the project after working for 10 Days because we' were getting aside from the big project.
  • DEC 2019 = Winter Vacation & I got my TECH STACK strong to lead the front-end.
  • JAN-FEB 2019 - Started working on Front-end, changed the File-system architecture, Chart Libraries, File Size, Speed, The whole re-design made me a Figma Artist too, I got into design-pattern thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • FEB-MAR = Started Working Full-time means 12 hrs/day for 7 days/week, Was really working hard, that was the turning point...
  • MAR = COVID-19 Started and started working more because of lots of spare time...
  • APR = Working All the time for Startup, but had a realization this week.


  • SEP 2019 = 89 Tweets, 1600 Profile Visits, 43K Impressions, 62 New Followers
  • OCT 2019 = 76 Tweets, 1376 Profile Visits, 35K Impressions, 58 New Followers
  • NOV 2019 = 44 Tweets, 595 Profile Visits, 65K Impressions, 15 New Followers Note: I stopped Following Back, People from here
  • OCT 2019 = 113 Tweets, 1340 Profile Visits, 83K Impressions, 30 New Followers
  • JAN 2020 = 51 Tweets, 581 Profile Visits, 32K Impressions, 5 New Followers
  • FEB 2020 = 80 Tweets, 1290 Profile Visits, 56K Impressions, 26 New Followers
  • MAR 2020 = 93 Tweets, 1399 Profile Visits, 65K Impressions, 18 New Followers
  • APR 2020 = APR


  • JAN 2020 = Launch
  • 8th MAR 2020 = Last Updated
  • Analytics of the Last 90 Days is quite shocking, even this month is quite impressive...
  • people still visit my website Analytics

So What was the turning point?

A simple thing, When you're curious about your startup and it starts getting bigger every day, you should think about leaving your current job and focus on the startup, so I took the decision to focus on startup and left writing and other things..., But as we're now ready to jump in the market with social media marketing, So I'll focus more on Marketing and Learning Growth Hacking.

From Next Week, I'll start learning React-Native + Marketing. I'll also make Youtube Live Streams, and maybe write some blogs too.

I'll try to curate the traffic that I'm getting, that most people are working really hard for.

Thanks.. for reading my thoughts, What you think about it?

I learned TailwindCSS and now I love it more than any CSS.