8 March 2020

I'm taking a break! Summary of my Life

Hi, It's been a long day without you my friend and I'm back(but with a piece of bad news).

I started blogging and maintenance of social presence because I wanted some people to hear me, and wanted to tell the people of my presence and then get a fulfilling remote job here because it's not possible for me to get a local job. why? Reasons:

There are little to no jobs here(my city) and I can't travel. I'm 15 yrs old so It's really hard to make social connections, and people here just believe that no one can learn from the internet. They want to see printed certificates from local institutes(money-burning machines) where they just teach bootstrap and then done. I started blogging, and then I received so much love from the community and I didn't know in any way that I can earn the money from it by writing paid blog-posts. I wrote lots of articles, in the last 4 months and bought the first Laptop of my own money!!!!!!!!!

It's all going well, and now I have a powerful machine to work with and it's a 100% upgrade from my previous laptop. I also launched my official website/blog and secured my domain.

I have 240 organic followers on twitter right now and still counting, on DEV Its 13,690 followers and I know most of them are just automated followers(those who follow some people on sign-up(recommended by DEV)) but yeah it's good. I'll also start LinkedIn soon.

I'm also going to market myself on other platforms, and GitHub but the question is that why I'm not posting actively as I used to and why I'm not using the same strategy that made me grow so fast? Reasons: 1. I'm not so productive + I got a perfect job

I'm not posting good quality content or content at all(I accept) cause I'm so busy in the rapid development of the product we're building, and we worked really hard(day/night) to get everything right. It's a big SaSS application to manage a rental business. We're working 5-7 hours/normal-day and 12-14 hours/weekend.

I'm really loving the experience overall working with my seniors, and I think that's what I always wanted, so what does it mean? I'm still really tired writing this article, but writing it just to let you know the situation. So I think I need some good sleep and think about this that what's important Passionate Job at Startup/Maintaining the social media and blogging.

I know what to do, I should not grab my growth down by myself and do it less but in a schedule like 80%/20% principle. Now I'm just doing like 0.589% of myself. 80% = job 20% = myself

So I'm taking an official break because of my school exams for 9th class, not because of the startup that was an unofficial break(bug in my schedule). I will also take 3 days off from a startup on Biology/Chemistry. This will be the longest break in the last 3 months.

So Let me know your thoughts...